The "Golden Book"



Dear colleague, what can I write to you, cardash, when everything in this world fades!

But ... still, even though sooner or later we will also fade, let me, I say, remember those joys that we have been looking for where people do not see them, do not know them, but ... trample they crush with their feet and pass them with indifference ...

We remember these joys ... the joys of art.

Danail Dechev, October 6, 1923, Plovdiv


The more vivid, the more non-artistic.

Art has nothing to do with reality.

Art does not need models.

Two poles: on one stands the living reality, and on the other - Art.

The farther the artist is from reality, from the form of reality - from the "model" - the closer he is to Art.

Geo Milev, December 16, 1923, Plovdiv



Above all art for me is humanity, the idea of ​​common good and justice.

Boris Georgiev, 5-II -192 8 Plovdiv


Life is a short day. The joy is short. Therefore, look at the sun.

Tsanko, you come from a flower of the guests. Give people wreaths of sunlight.

Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, April 22, 1931, Plovdiv


Old Plovdiv can be known only through Tsanko Lavrenov - either when he personally takes you around the city, or when you look at his paintings. That is why I would like to wish the artist - among the many good things: to resurrect in his original way, through his inspiration, through his love for the sunny colors of Plovdiv from the Renaissance. And three hundred volumes of scientific research will not show us what he can show us with just a few of his paintings.

Petar Dinekov, June 8, 1938 / July 13, 1965, Plovdiv