Tsanko Lavrenov


Born on November 24 in Plovdiv, in the family of Ivan and Silvina Lavrenovi, baptized Alexander - Stefan. Fifth child in the family. Paulician religion.
1907 /08 – 1916
Student at the French College "St. Augustine ”, Plovdiv.
 First attempts at art.
He printed caricatures in the capital's periodical press (Art Week) (1915–1917, 1928), Panorama Around the World (1915), Bulgarian (1916–1924) under the pseudonym Laurent
He graduated from the school for reserve officers in Knyazhevo.
1918 – 1920
She works with her sisters in the family store in Plovdiv.
1921 – 1922
He attended the private drawing school "St. Anna ”and a few months Evening Act at the Academy of Applied Arts, after which he was forced to interrupt together with other foreign students.
He is engaged in tobacco production.
First participation in the exhibition of the Society of South Bulgarian Artists in Plovdiv with 8 paintings. He was accepted as a member of the company.
Trustee in Plovdiv of the magazine "Flame" published by Geo Milev; Co-founder and active member of the Plovdiv House of Arts and Press, with first chairman Nikolay Raynov.
Travel with his cousin Pavlina and their grandmother Silvina to Italy - Rome, Venice, Florence, Assisi, Padua, on the occasion of the "holy year" of the Catholic world. Participates in an audience with Pope Pius IX.
First exhibition of the group "Babakov - Dechev - Lavrenov" in the hall of the Society "Mother's Care" in Plovdiv. Vitko Babakov, Danalil Dechev and Tsanko Lavrenov jointly organized until 1929 six exhibitions in Plovdiv, Chirpan and Pazardzhik.
The first general art exhibition of the artists' societies in Bulgaria is held in Sofia. Lavrenov participates in the composition of the Society of South Bulgarian Artists with " Final", "May Song" and "One Life"
Autumn - participation in a competition for anniversary stamps. First prize for the projects on the topic "St. Kliment Ohridski "and" Father Paisii ".
He works as a designer at the State Printing House, Sofia.
On the occasion of the Fourth Congress of the Archaeological Societies in Bulgaria, together with Danail Dechev and Nyagul Stanchev, he organized the exhibition "Art Antiquities Preserved in Plovdiv Families", opened at the Library in Plovdiv. He published studies about it in the Yearbook of the Plovdiv Library and Museum, 1928/29.
Second exhibition of the Zveno company.
IV OHI, September 15, 1930, Sofia (shows the painting "Old Plovdiv, bought by the Ministry of National Education").
1935 - 1936
Travel around Greece - Mount Athos, Mount Athos, Thessaloniki, Athens. Impressions leave a bright mark in his work.
He participated together with Pencho Georgiev, Vasil Zahariev, Veselin Staykov, Preslav Karshovski and Nikola Zlatev in the Second International Exhibition of Wood Engraving in Warsaw. Exhibits the work "Holy Mountain".
Participates in the exhibition in Paris with paintings with subjects from Mount Athos. He was awarded a bronze medal.
Participates in the XII OHI in Sofia with the Native Art Society. Exhibits "Old Plovdiv", "Tsar Simeon in front of Constantinople", "Plovdiv" and "Holy Mountain".
Joint exhibition with Danail Dechev at the House of Arts and Press in Plovdiv.
He participated in the "Exhibition of Bulgarian Artists", presented in Germany, Austria and Hungary (together with a group of artists he was invited to the opening in Berlin).
He left for Macedonia as a family. Travels to Ohrid, Bitola, Skopje, Prilep and Veles.
First prize in the competition of the Plovdiv municipality on the topic "Bullet Khan".
Two first awards for anniversary stamps "St. Ivan Rilski ”.
1951 – 1952
He worked as a curator at the City Museum of the Sofia City People's Council, from which in 1952 the Sofia City Art Gallery and the Museum of the History of Sofia separated as independent institutions.
Joint exhibition with Vladimir Dimitrov-The Master in Liege, Belgium.
Awarded the title of "People's Artist"
Order of Cyril and Methodius I degree.
1964 – 1965
Solo exhibition traveling to Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, West Berlin. He visited East and West Berlin and Dresden.
Joint exhibition with Dechko Uzunov in Paris.
Solo exhibition in Moscow, on the occasion of the month of Bulgarian culture.
Laureate of the Dimitrov Award.
Awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.
Artist - set designer of the ballet "Nestinarka" by Marin Goleminov.
Anniversary exhibition in Plovdiv.
He died on October 18 in Sofia.
Author of the monographs for the artists Veselin Staykov - 1955, Elisaveta Knsulova - Vazova, together with Binka Vazova - 1956, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev - 1958; of the memoir book "On the Steep Path" - 1968 and a large number of studies and articles on issues related to art.